3 Simple Ways to Save on Postage Stamps with eBay and other frugal tips

Did you know that you can save on postage stamps? Many people just have no idea that they could save up to 10% on first-class stamps. In fact, you can get Forever Stamps for as low as just $0.42 each (you can purchase them at the U.S. Postal Service for $0.49). Here are 3 simple ways to save 10% on high quality stamps.

1. Purchase Stamps on Ebay

Ask Phil Save on Postage Stamps - Stacking DealsThe easiest way to get discounted stamps is to check out Ebay. At this huge online marketplace you will find countless auctions for unused postage stamps offered for sale at the lower price than the current retail price.

At eBay you can purchase as many stamps as you want, from just a single sheet with 20 stamps on it to a dozen rolls (100 stamps). It should be noted that the more stamps you buy the cheaper is their price so it makes sense to purchase at least a roll. For instance, you can find a roll of 100 Forever Stamps at just $45. It means that one stamp costs just 45 cents and you will save about 4%.

Sometimes eBay issues special coupons, also known as "eBay redemption codes" To take advantage of those check coupon sites like Promocodes2018.com or Couponcabin.com. Couponcabin also has an App. Be sure to download it from the app store.

Ask Phil Save on Postage Stamps - Discounted StampsIn addition to purchasing discounted products at eBay, you can save more by signing up to earn eBay Bucks. After you get enrolled you will start earning a percentage of the item price back on qualifying purchases. Each time you earn $5 or more within three months, you are eligible for an eBay Bucks Certificate that you may use to purchase various stuff on eBay. Do remember that this Certificate is valid for 30 days only!

To save even more on your stamps you can stack several deals and get the first rate stamps at the lowest price possible. That's pretty simple, indeed!

2. Buy Through a Cashback Site

Ask Phil Save on Postage Stamps - StampsAnother cost saving strategy is to purchase stamps at eBay through a cashback site. You can save up to an extra 5% this way. If we add 5% cashback on $45 you paid for your stamps, you'll get an additional $2.25 off. It means that the cost of one stamps drops to just 42.75 cents.

3. Use a Rewards Credit Card

Stacking deals is really easy! When you use a cash back credit card, you receive money you can spend to buy necessities, such as stamps. Save just another 1% with your card, and the price for 100 stamps will be reduced to $42.30 or 42.3 cents per stamp. That's about 5 cents less per stamp.

Well, all those cost saving opportunities are worth considering as they help get the products you use regularly for less without any hassle! Just figure out how often you send first-class mail and it will become clear that a roll of stamps you purchase for just $42 will last for months.