Self-Adhesive Stamp Storage

Self-Adhesive 80c Stamp Dispensor Box - AskPhil

Self-Adhesive 80c Stamp Dispensor Box - AskPhil

Self-adhesive stamps are a real problem for stamp collectors alike. They are perfect for postage on packages but make for a terror when collecting. These no lick stamps have shown over time to cause discoloration and disintegration on the preserved stamps. The special adhesive used on the back destroys the stamps decorative front. The bad news is that the U.S. plans on continuing to further production on self - adhesive stamps. The public demands them for easy postage. The good new is that the production is becoming more high tech and the chances of the stick ruining the stamp is lessening.

Storing self - stick stamps has proven to be a problem. When these stamps were first produced they did not put a protective lining between the stamp and the stick. This is what caused the damage to the stamp preservation over time chemically. The integrity of the stamp was compromised. The stamp production has since changed. The newer self - stick stamps are being manufactured with a thin layer of paper between the decorative front of the stamp and the adhesive stick backing of the stamp. This is allowing collectors to now be able to soak the adhesive backing off of the stamps as you would a normal lick stamp.

Although, there is no set way to preserve a self - adhesive stamp, collectors are now soaking self - stick stamps no matter what. They believe that the soaking process will ensure preservation. That the water will clean all stick off regardless so that the adhesive can not ruin the stamp in the future. Stampers are still experimenting with ways to preserve the self - stick stamp. Some believe that saving it in mint condition on the envelope or wax paper may safely preserve the new stamps printed since the adhesive seems to be lessened. They continue to try different preservations because soaking these self-stick stamps seems to take an extremely long period of time and the soak itself has shown from time to time to ruin the integrity of the stamp.

The experimenting will continue as most stamp collectors are now keeping three versions of every new self - stick stamp they collect. Enough time has not passed to tell which version of preservation will keep a self-stick stamp best. So, they are ending up with a soaked, a mint, and a enveloped ripped style of the same stamp. They may have three of the same stamp but at least one will keep its integrity and the preservation does make for a great story!