The Salm Foundation

The Collectors Club of Chicago Cabeen House - AskPhil

The Collectors Club of Chicago Cabeen House - AskPhil

The Collectors Club of Chicago created the Salm Foundation in 1991 to research philatelic products. The Salm Foundation is funded by the Salm family and the CCC who provides a matching grant. There are many officers who serve without receiving compensation such as Lester Winich, Vice President Jacob Bard, President Bernard Hennig, as well as Treasurer and Secretary Raymond Vogel.

The philatelic products that the Foundation purchased are sold in the U.S. but are manufactured world wide. Each product was submitted for testing within a professional lab. One issue found with the products was that stamp collectors album pages seriously deteriorate over time due to the presence of acidic chemicals in the paper. The acidic chemicals transfer to the postage held on the page over time. Paper with lower acidity content or with higher alkaline content present have shown to considerably increase the shelf life of album pages and the stamps held on them.

The CCC has created and published a set of 6 pamphlets which discuss an array of philatelic products and how they preformed within the laboratories testing. The full name of each product along with the name of the publisher is included in each description. The laboratory testing was extremely extensive. The tests included the following philatelic products - stamp hinges, album pages, corners, stock books, stamped envelopes, glassine envelopes, press sensitive self-adhere stamps, false stamps, United States stamps, and computer printed pages to name a few. Over 146 products were tested and reported upon.

In the end over four thousand of these philatelic reports were dispersed world wide. No one challenged the findings of the professional commercial laboratory except one. They threatened to sue the CCC. Although, when a copy of their lab test was requested to challenge the CCC's findings, one could not be presented. After a second reviewing of our lab findings - the manufacturer called back and apologized stating the CCC lab report was in fact correct.

The 6 brochures are still available will all of the lab results for $1.06 just send a legal or large self addressed envelope to; Collectors Club of Chicago, 1029 North Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60610-2830.