Tips on Selling Stamps

There are several ways how you can sell your stamps and covers. First of all, you can sell them back to dealers or give an ad in the philatelic press. If you are a member of a stamp club you may offer your collection to fellow collectors at the club meetings. Another option is to offer your stamps for sale at an internet auction or have a dealer sell them for you.

If you want to sell inexpensive or medium-priced stamps and covers consider using so called "circuit books," which are small Ask Phil Tips on Selling Stamps American Philatelic Societybooklets provided by philatelic organizations, such as the American Philatelic Society. Circuit or sales books contain the stamps or covers offered for sale, as well as their prices. These books are sent by mail to various collectors by the organization. When the collector selects the stamps he wants to purchase he sends the money to the organization, and then sends the booklets to the next collector.

Another inexpensive option how to sell your stamps is to run a classified ad in different stamp publications. This way you will be able to discover the right market for your material in advance and figure out your potential customers. For example, it probably makes no sense to offer your collection of United Nations to a dealer who works with collections of Great Britain, but it might happen that a dealer will decide to buy some material beyond his field of specialization to quickly sell it to another dealer at a stamp show.

It would be a good idea to arrange all the stamps you have in specific groupings to be offered separately for sale instead of mixing different countries together and selling it as "worldwide." Or you can break your collection up in accordance with topical categories, such as the grouping of cars, birds, or trains, rather than grouping by country.

Ask Phil Tips on Selling Stamps The Scott Catalogue ValuesAlso reading the ads will help you understand what is in demand and at what price. Keep in mind that in the Scott Catalogue Values you will find only estimated retail prices for stamps in excellent condition. It is definitely not the price a dealer would pay you, especially if the material is not in good condition.

It should be noted that stamp value depends on condition, quantity available, and market demand. For example, if the stamp is pretty rare and it is highly demanded then its condition will not impact the price much. But, if there are plenty of such stamps available for sale, no one is going to pay lots of money for your stamp. If there are many copies but they are not popular to collect, the condition of the particular stamp doesn't influence the price either as nobody wants it anyway! In case there are plenty of copies, and the stamps are rather popular, then the copies in the best condition can be sold at the highest prices, but the copies with flaws will still be demanded.

Ask Phil Tips on Selling Stamps - Elvis Presley StampFinally, do remember that the stamp market is subject to "fashions" and trends, and if you can't sell the particular stamps today probably you will be able to do it some time in the future when the trend changes. Anyway, collecting stamps is a hobby that is supposed to be enjoyed but is not a form of sound investment. Just collect stamps for fun and you will have no reasons to feel disappointed.

When it comes to selling your stamp collection at the auction the best online auction site where you can sell practically everything is, of course, eBay. Most collectors check out eBay first when selling or buying stamps or other collectibles looking for the best deals possible.

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