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How to Articles   Reference Library
... Avoid Mistakes
... Be an Expert / Covers
... Be an Expert / Stamps
... Buy a Magnifier
... Buy a Watermark Tray
... Buy Stamp Tongs
... Buy Stamps
... Buy Watermark Fluid
... Collect Perfins
... Get Stamps
... Get Stamps Expertized in Germany
... Get the Most from a Stamp Show
... Invest in Stamps
... Keep Track of Your Collection
... Learn More
... Mount and Save Booklets
... Save Self-Adhesive Stamps
... Select an Album
... Sell Stamps
... Soak Stamps
... Store Stamps
... Understand Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, Ultra-Violet Light, and Scandinavian Philately
... Use a Catalog to Identify / Sort Your Stamps
... Use a Perforation Gauge
... Use a Stamp Catalog
... Use Hinges, Mounts & Tongs
... Use Stamp Mounts
... [and Why] Use Ultraviolet Lighting
... Watermark Stamps

Expertizers & Expertizing Committees
Glossary of Stamp Collecting Terms
International Philatelic Dealer Groups
International Philatelic Federations
Local Stamp Clubs
Philatelic Libraries of the World
Philatelic Museums of the World
Principal Stamp Publications of the World
Scott Catalogue Country Locator
Scott Catalogue Prefixes
Stamp Dealers
Timeline of American Colonial and Revolutionary Posts
Topical & Specialty Organizations
UPU Membership Data
Washington-Franklin Series Stamp Identifier
Worldwide Philatelic Agencies

Auction Information

Philatelic Auction Catalog Abbreviations
   Currency Designations
   General Abbreviations
   Gum & Hinging
   Monthly Auction Listing - November 2004
   Stamp Centering
Protect Yourself in Internet Auctions
Worldwide Auction Houses
Salm Foundation Reports
UPU Illegal Stamps
No. 1--Paper used for Stamp Albums
No. 2--Non-U.S. Paper for Philately
No. 3--Plastic, Paper Permanence, Etc.
No. 4--Labels Purporting to Be Stamps
No. 5--Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive U.S. Stamps
No. 6--Flying Fakes
Introduction to UPU Efforts
Directory of UPU Illegal Stamp Notices
Illegal Issues Reported by Collectors
Topical Listing of UPU Illegal Stamps
Plan Your Philatelic Estate
Special Features

Stamp Carvings: Wooden You Like These for Your Collection?
Collector Club of Chicago’s 3 Most Recent Publications
"The Rarest of the Rare" Exhibit -- Le Club de Monte-Carlo

A Collector Can Aid Estate Administrator
Overview of Estate Planning
Prepare Your Estate Administrator