Expertizers and Expertizing Committees

The listed Expertizers and Expertizing Committees are recognized as competent authorities in their specialized fields of philately and/or postal history.

Prior to submitting an item for review, the designated competent authority should be contacted to determine fees, and for paperwork that may be required to accompany a submission. In the case of an item being purchased at auction "on Extension," the auctioneer of the item should be informed of the competent authority being considered. The auctioneer must agree with the Expertizer or Expertizing Committee to be used before an extension will be granted.

Remember, Expertizers and Expertizing Committees only offer an opinion and not a guarantee. It is possible, although generally improbable, that over the years an opinion may change.

Walter Abt
Postfach 103
Basel, CH-4027 Switzerland
Switzerland 1843-1908: hotel post, international organizations

Manfred Althen
Postfach 11 10
Bad Vilbel, D-61101 Germany
Allenstein: occupation issues

American First Day Cover Society
Allison W. Cusick, AFDCS Expertising Chairman
PO Box 141379
Columbus, OH 43214, USA
U.S. First Day Covers

American Philatelic Expertizing Service (APEX)
The American Philatelic Center
100 Match Factory Place
Bellefonte PA 16823

Ricardo Alvarez
P.O. Box 662
San Jose. 1000 Costa Rica
Costa Rica, Central America with Air Mail and SCADTA

Dr. Hartmut Arenz
Postfach 40 01 10
Köln, D-50831 Germany
Allenstein: occupation issues; Allied occupation: manuscript and emergency cancels, postal stationery; American, British and French Zones: manuscript, and emergency cancels, postal stationery; Soviet Zone: manuscript and emergency cancels, postal stationery; Local issues (1945-46): Altenreptow, Apolda, Arnsberg, Bad Nauheim, Bad Saarow, Bad Schmiedeberg, Brackwede, Braunsbedra, Bünde, Demmin, Döbeln, Dusseldorf, Eckartsberga, Ellington, Finsterwalde, Flensburg, Görlitz, Grabov, Grossraschen, Hamburg, Hamm, Kiel, Cologne, Löbau, Löhne, Lubbenaü, Lüttenberg, Meissen, Mindelheim, Netzschkau-Reichenbach, Nlesky, Plaven, Röhrmoos, Spremberg, Storkow, Strausberg, Titisee, Unna, Wittenberg, Wuppertag

Finn Aune
Oevre Elnes vei 7
N-1390 Vollen, Norway

Jean Baete
21, Pontstraat
Deurle-St. Martens-Latem, B-9831 Belgium
Belgium and Congo - Zaire

Jürgen Bärsch
Walkmühlstr. 42
Wiesbaden, D-65195 Germany
Saar: official (Michel 1-31)

Günter Ballschmidt
Postfach 41 05 01
Berlin, D-12115 Germany
Soviet Zone: districts 3, 16, 20, 29, 36, 37, 38

Günter Bechtold
Postfach 11 55
Weilheim, D-82351 Germany
1916-1945: Michel 96-337; Official stamps (Michel 16-98); official control prints

Bernard Behr
30 avenue de l'Opera
F-75002 Paris, France

Pascal Olivier Behr
30, avenue de l'Opera
F-75002 Paris, France
France 1849-1900: stamps and postal history; France 1900-1945: stamps; French Colonies 1800-1945: stamps and postal history

Ruggero Benussi
52/g viale Dmso
Bolzano, I-39100 Italy
Yugoslavia 1918-1941

Rémy Berra-Gautschy
Place Central 7-Case postale 1494
Monthey 2, CH-1870 Switzerland
Switzerland (without official stamps)

Florian Berger
Postfach 80 07
Limburg, D-65541 Germany
Hannover: pre-philately Mecklenburg, Oldenburg

Friedrich Wilhelm Blecher
Wernsdorfer Strasse 5, P.O. Box 1093
Winterberg, D-59955 Germany
North German Confederation, Alsace and Lorraine and field post 1870-71

Dr. Julius Böheim
Flielßhornstr. 8
Konstanz, D-78465 Germany
Soviet Control Zone: districts 3, 14, 16, 20, 27, 29, 36, 37, 38, 41; official control prints

Alberto Bolaffi
Corso Cairolo 2
I-10123 Torino, Italy
Italian States, Italy, Cosmograms

Dieter Bortfeldt
transversal 12 bis A, 125-30, Int. 1
Bogota, Colombia
Colombia: postage stamps

Giacomo F. Bottacchi
Via Fratelli Bronzetti 21
I-10129 Milano, Italy
Sardinia: 1851-1863, stamps and postal history; Italy: 1861-1900, stamps and postal history

Maurice Boule
BP 82
98005 Monaco Cedex, Monaco
Monaco: stamps and postal history

David Brandon
Wellington House, Guildford
Surrey GU3 1DE, England
Great Britain, British Commonwealth

Guido Brugger
Wacholderweg 7
Meckenbeuren, D-88074 Germany
Germany: 1872-1916 (Michel 1-30)

Jean François Brun
85, Galerie Beaujolais, Palais Royal
Paris, F-75001 France
France and French Colonies

Alfred Burger
Postfach 11 65
St. Ingbert, D-66361 Germany
Saar: Michel 1-52

Joachim Busse
Postfach 50 01 03
Aachen, D-52085 Germany
Soviet Zone: district 3

Roger Calves
8 rue Drouot
F-75009 Paris, France
France: Classics, French Colonies, South America, Russia and related areas

China Stamp Society
1050 West Blue Ridge Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64145

Dr. Giorgio Colla-Asinelli
Via Gaeta 18
Torino, I-10133 Italy
Italian States and Italy

Comision de Expertos Filatelicos
Pau Claris, 106 Entlo.
E-08009 Barcelona, Spain

Confederate Stamp Alliance Authentication Committee
P.O. Box 278
Capshaw, AL 35742-0396, USA
Confederate States of America

Andrew Cronin
P.O. Box 5722, Station "A"
Toronto, Ontario, M5W 1P2, Canada
Russia: postage stamps and postal history; Carpatho-Ukraine; Mongolia: stamps and postal history

Ulrich Czimmek
Am Püttkamp 66
Düsseldorf, D-40629 Germany
German Post: South West Africa

Roland Daebel
Stolzenhagener Weg 4
Wensickendorf, D-16515 Germany

Peter Darmietzel
Obere Leite 16
Marktsteinach, D-97453 Germany

Trevor Davis
P.O. Box 727
London SW20 0RP
Australia and Australian States: stamps and postal history

Lorenzo Dellavalle
Via Garessio 48/3
Torino, I-10100 Italy
Italian States, Italy, Cosmograms

Rend Demuth
7, Rue Nicolas Goedert
Bridel, L-8133 Luxemburg
Luxemburg incl. official stamps

Fausto Diaz Paulos
Brd. Espana 2954 - P.4
Montevideo, Uruguay,

Horst Dietrich
Ludgerusstrasse 33
Kaarst, D-41564 Germany
Afghanistan, including field post

Manfred Dobin
P.O. Box 77
St. Petersburg, RUS-195426 Russia
Russia's Prephilatelic Period 1750-1858

Hubertus Eibenstein
Potsdamer Str. 162
Berlin, D-10783 Germany
Cameroon (without CEF); Togo

Florian Eichhorn
Adolfsallee 17
Wiesbaden, D-65185 Germany
Japan (without WW2), stationery & offices in China, Korea; Korea

Lothar Eisold
Karlstr. 10
Lahr, D-77933 Germany
Russia: 1857-1917; Soviet Union: to 1960

Christa Eliades
Theodor-Francke-Str. 6
Berlin, D-12099 Germany

Hans Enger
Klundbyvn 103
Redalen, N-2820 Biri, Norway
Norway (except local mails)

Eduardo Escalada-Goicochea
Victor Hugo 1
E-28004 Madrid, Spain
Spain and Spanish Colonies: stamps and postal history; especially Carlist Wars

Errors, Freaks and Oddities Collectors Club
138 East Lakemont Dr.
Kingsland, GA 31548
U.S. errors, freaks and oddities

Estonian Philatelic Society
39 Clafford Lane
Melville, NY 11747

Maurice E. Estoppey
Pralets 3
Belmont s. Lausanne, CH-1092 Switzerland
Switzerland and Europe (classical issues)

Dr. Ulrich Ferchenbauer
Postfach 359
A-1181 Wien, Austria
Lombardy-Venetia, Austria (Levant, DDSG, Fieldpost); 1850-1938

Wolfgang Flemming
Postfach 22 13 53
Leipzig, D-04133 Germany
Pre-philately: Baden; Lübeck; Prussia, North Central German post districts; Lothringer-Fieldpost

Robert Françon, RDP
13 Chemin du Ferratier
Latour de Salvagny, F-69890 France

Wilfried Franke
Rather Schulstr. 22
Köln, D-51107 Germany

Hans Friebe
Tschaikowskistr. 61
Freiberg, D-09599 Germany

Alexandre Galinos
P.O. Box 3138
Athens, GR-10210 Greece
Greece: postal history; New Greek Territories: postal history

Ludwig Gambert
Am See 8
Hammelburg-Obererthal, D-97762 Germany
Pre-philately: Thurn & Taxis

Dr. Raymond Goebel
c/o Soluphil SA, B.P. 2675
Luxembourg, L-1026
France (classic issues, up to 1900); Luxembourg

Dr. Hugo Goeggel
c/o Comestibles Italo S.A.
Apartado Aéreo 17729
Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia
Colombia: postage stamps and postal history; Colombia: air mail; Brasil: first issue only; Ecuador: 19th century, postage stamps and postal history

Richard Gratton
P.O. Box 202
Windsor, QC J1S 2L8, Canada
Canada; British North America

Francisco Graus
Calle Mallorca, 292 3-l
Barcelona, E08037 Spain
Spain and ex-colonies, Pre-adhesive period and postal forgeries

Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation
P.O. Box 204, Station Q
Toronto, ON
Canada M4T 2M1
Canada, British North America

Prof. Dr. Ortwin Greis
Brandheide 16
Rosengarten, D-21224 Germany
Imperial Russia: Zemstvo: stamps and postal history; free frank mail and paper seals; postal stationery

Gunnar Gruber
Mezgerwaidring 60
Radolfzell, D-78315 Germany
Occupation issues: Upper Silesia, Schleswig

Vidal Jorge Guinovart
Plaza San Gregorio, Taumaturgo n 2 - 3° 2
Barcelona, Spain
Spain and ex-colonies

Dr. Robin David Gwynn
23 Clyde Road
Napier, New Zealand
New Zealand and Dependencies; Ship Wreck Mail; Rail Wreck Mail

Gerhard Hahne
Torstrasse 7
Uetze, D-31311 Germany
Central Lithuania: stamps and postal history

Roy Hamilton-Bowen
Postfach 11 24
Rodgau, D-63083 Germany
Gibralter; Ireland; Malta

Philipp Harder
Postfach 10 28 21
Heidelberg, D-69018 Germany
Local Issue 1945-46: Apolda, Fredsdorf

Peter Harlos
Wilhelm-Raabe-Str. 12
Wunstorf, D-31515 Germany
French Zone: Wurttemburg-Wohnungsbau; Germany: emergency stamps

Rolf Haspel
Wolfener Str. 2
Thalheim-Bitterfeld, D-06766 Germany
China Fieldpost: 1900-1901; Germany fieldpost and ship post: 1914-19; Turkey military post: 1914-19; Southwest Africa: fieldpost:1903-07; Japan fieldpost: 1914-20

Hawaiian Philatelic Society
P.O. Box 10115
Honolulu, HI 96816-0115

Jocben Heddergott
Bauerstrasse 9
Munich, D-80796 Germany
British India; Persia (up to 1891)

Fritz Heimbüchler
Bosettistrasse 9
Munich, D-81247 Germany
Moldavia and Walachia; Romania

Dr. Joachim Helbig
Uranusweg 4
Aschheim, D-85609 Germany
Bavaria 1876-1920, Thurn und Taxis, Postal History of German States 1800-1920

Wolfgang C Hellrigl
P.O. Box 349
Bolzano, I-39100 Italy
Nepal and Tibet, India used in Nepal, India used in Tibet

Thomas Heinrich
Georg-Brandt-Weg 15
Winnenden, D-71364 Germany
Wurttemberg: Michel 1-62

Prof. Dr. Jobst von Heintze
Postfach 18 07
Magdeburg, D-39008 Germany
Soviet zone: districts 16,36,37,38

Dr. Knut Heister
An der Hüh 9
Bad Münstereifel, D-53902 Germany

Dr. Joachim Helbig
Postfach 12 33
Aschheim, D-85609 Germany
Thurn & Taxis: 1852-1866 Pre-philatelic: Europe North-South transit Bavaria; 1876-1920, Inflation issues; 1914-1920, Sudan

Christoph Hertsch
Zeughausgasse 24, P.O. Box 1079
Bern 7, CH-3000 Switzerland
Switzerland (classic and modern issues)

Max Hertsch
Zeughausgasse 24, P.O. Box 1079
Bern 7, CH-3000 Switzerland
Switzerland; classic Europe by special arrangement

Dieter Hettler
Postfach 73 03 47
Hamburg, D-22123 Germany
American, British zones: Michel 1-35

Berend Hey
Postfach 41 02 43
Bremen, D-28312 Germany
Occupation Issues, 1914-1918: Allenstein, Belgium, Dorpat (Latvia), Northern France, Eastern Command, Poland (without local post), Romania

Peter Hille
Georg-Palitzsch-Str. 91
Dresden, D-01239 Germany
China, China: Shanghai

Harry Hofmann
Postfach 560156
Hamburg, D-22551 Germany
Latvia: postal history, including Wenden, Smilten, Eleja

Peter Holcombe
Postfach 1470
CH-6000 Lucerne 15
Worldwide to 1930

Dr. Ernst Hollmann
Tempelhofer Damm 228
Berlin, D-12099 Germany
Turkey Post

Hong Kong Stamp Society
P.O. Box 206
Glenside, PA 19038
Hong Kong

Walter Michael Hopferwieser
Santnergasse 61
Salzburg, A-5020 Austia
Space Mail, Rocket Mail

Dr. Alan Keith Huggins
Briar Lodge, 134 Berkley Avenue
Chesham, Buckinghamshire HP5 2RT England
Great Britain: postal stationery, specimen overprints, line-engraved and embossed issues (stamps and postal history); British Colonies: postal stationery

International Society for Japanese Philately
32 KIng James Court
Staten Island, NY 10308-2910
Japan and related area, except World War II Japanese occupation issues

International Society for Portuguese Philately
P.O. Box 43146
Philadelphia, PA 19129-3146
Portugal and colonies

Panos Ioannidis
28, Lyssikratous Str.
GR-17455 Alimos, Greece
Greece: Small Hermes Heads; Greece and adjacent areas: overprints

Klaus Irtenkauf
Ekkehardstr. 3
Friedrichshafen, D-88046 Germany
Wurttemburg Michel 1-43

Wolf Ising
Moordamm 72
Ellerbek, D-25474 Germany

Charles Isaac
Rue Pythéas 1
Marseille, F-13001 France
France and French colonies

Wolfgang Jakubek
Oelboehm 3
Giekau, D-24321 Germany
Pre-philately: Bergedorf, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein; Germany: Michel 67 (Vineta); USA, Confederate States

Rolf-Dieter Jaretzky
Langer Kamp 17
Braunschweig, D-38106 Germany
Mexico: 1856-1872

Dr. Michael Jasch
Ritterfelddamm 121
Berlin, D-14089 Germany
Soviet zone: Berlin and Brandenburg (Michel 1-7, Thuringen Michel 92-115, West Saxony, Michel 116-165.

Paul-Peter Jäschke
Rüdesheimer Str. 4
Bremen, D-28199 Germany
Germany: Michel 53-97 (without Michel 67); Official stamps: Michel 1-14

Michael Jäschke-Lantelme
Postfach 13 19
Dessau, D-06821 Germany
Germany: Michel 31-97 (without Michel 67); New Guinea: (without GRI); Carolinas, Mariana, Marshall Islands, Samoa

Bernd Juchert
Hauptstraße 99
Rädel, D-14797 Germany

Heinz Erwin Jungjohann
Jahnweg 7
St. Peter-Ording, D-25826 Germany
Poland: Generalgouvernement, stamps and postal history; Port Gdansk

Pierre Kaiser
Rue du Midi 7
B-1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
Belgium: stamps and postal history; Congo: stamps

Ing. Jan Karasek
P.O. Box 430
Brno 2, CZ-66030 Czech Republic

Takis Karatzas
115, Charilaou Trikoupi Str.
GR-11473 Athens, Greece
Crete; Greece: overprints on Crete

Kurt Kimmel
C.P. 376
Massagno, CH-6908 Switzerland
Switzerland 1843-1907; Austria; Austrian Italy; Austrian Levant; Liechtenstein 1850-1918; Ceylon 1857-1910; Venezuela 1859-1880

Prof. Dr. U. E. Klein
Postfach 11 53
Wilnsdorf, D-57234 Germany
Occupation issues: Lithuania, Marienwerder, Memel

Seow Chuan Koh
6 Raffles Boulevard, No. 4-100 Marina Square
Singapore 039594, Singapore
German Reich: Brustschilde; Dominican Republic: 1865-1920

Dr. Gotthard Kowollik
Postfach 134
Berlin, D-13091 Germany
Germany: 1916-1945 (Michel 96-337), official stamps: Michel 16-98, official control prints

Hans-Ludwig Kramp
Salemer Str. 16
Schmilau, D-23911 Germany
Soviet Zone: Mecklenburg Michel 8-40; Local issues 1945-46: Altentreptow, Demmin, Grabow

Wilhelm Kreft
Postfach 10 02 55
Wedemark, D-30900 Germany
WW2 fieldpost: Michel 13,16, East Prussia

Gerhard Krischke
Elkartallee 17
Hannover, D-30173 Germany
German occupation: Alsace, Estonia, Kotor, Laibach, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Lettland, Lithuania, Lothringen, Northern Russia, Ionian Islands, Serbia, Ukraine, Zara (isle off Greece)

Hansmichael Krug
Postfach 94 01 03
Frankfurt/Main, D-60459 Germany
German Reich: Brustschilde; Dominican Republic: 1865-1920

Jens Kunz
Am Hellenberg 14/15
Üxheim, D-54579 Germany
Saxony: Michel 41-65; Local issues, 1945-46: Apolda, Bad Schmiedeberg, Döbeln, Eckartsberga, Görlitz Grossraschen, Löbau, Niesky

Adhano Landini
Palazzo de L'Orso, Via del'Orso 7/A
Milano, I-20121 Italy
Austrian Italy, Italian Post Office in China, Hong Kong & Treaty Ports

Gertraud Lange
Postfach 30 40 84
Hamburg, D-20313 Germany
Pre-philately: Braunschweig

Dieter Leder
Seepromenade 6
Meersburg, D-88709 Germany
Zeppelin Mail: postal history; Catapult Mail; North/South Atlantic: postal history

José Llach
Avenida Diagonal 489
ES-08029 Barcelona, Spain
Spain, Spanish Colonies

Roger-Louis Loeuillet, RDP
326 Bd. de l'Observatoire
Nice, F-06300 France
France and colonies

Wilhelm van Loo
Aussemstr. 26
Aachen, D-52068 Germany
Kurland; fieldpost World War II, Michel 16

Dr. Albert Louis
Brunhildstrasse 2
Hürth, D-50354 Germany
England (without officials); Michel 1-101

Karl-Albert Louis
Adalbert-Stifter-Str. 31
Taunusstein-Hahn, D-65232 Germany
Great Britain: QV issues

David Lu
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
China Airmails: stamps and postal history

Emil Ludin
Marktplatz 12
Bretten, D-75015 Germany
German occupation 1943-44: Kotor, Zante, Zara, German Reich Essays

Robert W. Lyman
P.O. Box 348
Irvington on Hudson, NY 10533, USA
British North America, New Zealand

David MacDonnell
P:O: Box 2500
Dublin 6, Ireland
Ireland: stamps and postal history

Jörg Maier
Postfach 10 10 03
Munich, D-80084 Germany
Chile (including the War of Pacific-Chilean Occupation and the British Post Offices in Chile)

Lutz Maigatter
Postfach 11 04 51
Viersen, D-41728 Germany
Soviet zone: districts 36, 38

Jean-Claude Marchand
Case Postale 5106
Geneve 11, CH-1211 Switzerland
Switzerland from 1850 to date, including cancellations

Martin Marco
Allenby Road 32, P.O. Box 4281
Tel Aviv, 61042 Israel
Romania, Levant, Israel

William H.P. Maresch
5th Floor 6075 Yonge St
Toronto ON, M2M 3W2, Canada
Canada, British North America

Peter Marxer
Postfach 4 31
Vaduz, FL?9490 Liechtenstein

Albert Matl
Friedlgasse 40
Wien, A-1190 Austria
Europe, Japan

Henry Mayer
Postfach 18 02
Uelzen, D-29528 Germany
Official control prints

Volker Mehlmann
Norfer Str. 18
Dormagen, D-41539 Germany
North German: post districts; Lothringen (1870-1871)

Leonid Melnikov
Ploshshad Pobedy No.1, Kor.D, Apt.43
RUS-121170 Moscow, Russia
Russia: pre-adhesive period, cancellations, airmail (without astro-philately), Russia and Sowjet Union: stamps and postal history; Russian-Japanese War 1904-1905

Mexico-Elmhurst Philatelic Society International (MEPSI)
P.O. Box 1133
West Covina, CA 91793

Bernd Meyer
Postfach 143
Chemnitz, D-09001 Germany
Official stamps: Michel 16-98; Official control prints 1916-1945, Michel 96-337

Dipl. Ing. Zbigniew Mikulski
Kammelenbergstraße 15
CH-9011 St. Gallen, Switzerland
Poland, Russia

Carl Aage Møller
Parkaas 2
DK-2670 Greve Strand, Denmark
Denmark; Faroe Islands; Iceland; Greenland; Danish West Indies

Dr. Fritz Modry
Postfach 10 13 32
Wernigerode, D-38843 Germany
Soviet zone: Saxony Michel 66-91, districts 20, 27, 29, 36, 37,38, 41; Police official stamps, perfins: DDR, Soviet zone, American and British zones

Hanfried Müller
Konstanzer Str. 39
Heidelberg, D-69126 Germany
World War II: East Prussian fieldpost; Soviet zone: district 14

Rolf Frieder Müller
Pfotenhauer Str. 5/702
Dresden, D-01307 Germany
World War II : fieldpost, Michel 1-12, 14-15, 17

H.G. Müntz
P.O. Box 4174
Tel Aviv, Israel
Palestine Forerunners: Mandates and Israel

Robert Odenweller
P.O. Box 401
Bernardsville, NJ 07924-0401
New Zealand, Samoa to 1900

Alfredo Navarro Paya
Avda. Fernandez Ladreda, 20
Pontevedra (Galicia), Spain
Spanish postal forgeries

Till Neumann
Postfach 10 29 40
Bremen, D-28029 Germany
Pre-philately: Bremen

Dieter Newiger
Postfach 950
Berlin, D-10132 Germany
Italy: Michel 1-641, officials 1-36; Sardinia; Japan (without World War II)

Christine Ney
Forststr. 27
Saarwellingen, D-66792 Germany
Saar; Saar officials Michel 1-32

Roland Novak
Postfach 11 08 65
Gießen, D-35353 Germany
American and British zones Michel 73-100

Helena Obermüller Wilén
P.O. Box 1283
S-14126 Huddinge, Sweden
Sweden 1855-1919

Robert P. Odenweller, RDP
P.O. Box 401
Bernardsville, N.J. 07924-0401, USA
New Zealand, Samoa up to 1900

Dr. Helmut Oechsner
Gustav-Weiskopf-Weg 19
Nürnberg, D-90411 Germany
German Reich 1918-1923: Michel Nos. 52-910 and related areas; Danzig 1920-1939

Juhani V. Olamo
Pihlajatie 2 A 8
FIN-00270 Helsinki, Finland
Finland; Ecuador

Horst Osper
Tuchschererstr. 42
Borken, D-46325 Germany
Danish West Indies, Denmark, Faroes, Greenland, Sudentenland

Erik E. Paaskesen
Sneppenlaan 33
Tervuren, B-1980 Belgium
Denmark, Danish West Indies, Faroe Islands

Hans-Hermann Paetow
Züricher Straße 110
Bremen, D-28325 Germany
Occupation: 1938-1945; Bohemia-Mahren; General Government

Leonard Pascanu
Aleea Politehnicii, nr. 6 Bl.3, sc.2
Ap.20, Sector 6
77213 Bucuresti, Romania
Romania (excl. Moldavia and Walachia)

Siegfried Paul
Postfach 46 03 72
Berlin, D-12213 Germany
DDR: 1949-1960; DDR: Official A Soviet zone: Michel 182-241

Dr. Karl Pauligk
Postfach 16 36
Freiberg, D-09586 Germany
Morocco post; New Guinea (without GRI); East Africa; Togo

Patrick C. Pearson, RDP
Valroben, Bowl Corner, Battisford
Stowmarket, Suffolk IP142LH, England
Hong Kong, Western Australia, Ceylon, Iraq

Dr. Hans-Karl Penning
Irlenpütz 24
Bornheim, D-53332 Germany
Soviet zone: Saxony; Local issues, 1945-46: Döbeln, Freudenstract, Glauchau, Görlitz, Netzschkau-Reichenbach, Nietsky, Titisee

Dr. Markus W.E. Peters
St. Florinsgasse 17
FL - 9490 Vaduz
Principality of Liechtenstein
Czechoslovakia 1918-1939; Bohemia & Moravia: pre-philately; Bohemia & Moravia: 1939-1945, only stamps.

Stefan Petriuk
Neue Str. 3
Langballigholz, D-24977 Germany

Claus Petry
Grabauer Wag 30
Hamburg, D-22417 Germany
Germany 1872-1916: (Michel 31-52)

Volkmar Petzold
Postfach 10 04 01
Dresden, 01074
Soviet zone: districts 14, 16

Philatelic Federation of Finland
PL 257
FIN-00101 Helsinki, Finland

Philatelic Federation of Japan, Inc.
1-11-601 Kanda-Ogawamachi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Japan, Japanese Occupations

Philatelic Foundation
70 West 40th St., 15th Floor
New York, NY 10018, USA
U.S.A. and Worldwide

Friedrich Pietz
Neptunweg 14
Nürnberg, D-90471 Germany
Pre-philately: Bavaria

Dipl.-Ing. Pavel Pittermann
Pescova 8/966
CZ-152 00 Praha-52-Hlubocepy, Czech Republic
Czechoslovakia 1918-1939; Bohemia & Moravia: pre-philately; Bohemia & Moravia: 1939-1945, only stamps

Prof. Dr. Gottfried Pollmer
Werdermannstr. 18
Meißen, D-01662 Germany
Local issues 1945-46: Meissen

Kam Leung Poon
P.O. Box 9841
G.P.O. Hong Kong
China, Liberated Areas of China, Peoples' Republic of China: stamps and postal history; U.S. Post Offices in China: stamps and postal history; Taiwan (Formosa): stamps and postal history

Vsevolod V. Pritula
3-d Frunzenskaja 14-87
Moscow, CSI-119146 Russia
Russia before 1917, Soviet Union after 1917, Air mail Russia and European countries, until 1940, Space mail

Professional Stamp Experts (PSE), Inc.
P.O. Box 43-0055
Miami, FL 33243-0055, USA

Dr. Luigi Raybandi-Massilia
P.O. Box 756
Rome, I-00187 Italy
Italian States

Maurizio Raybaudi-Massilia
via di Propaganda 27 (P.O. Box 756)
I-00187 Roma, Italy
Italy, Italian States, overprinted European stamps

Emil Rellstab
Widenbülstraße 50
CH-8617 Mönchaltorf, Switzerland
Switzerland, excluding Official issues

Alex Rendon
P.O. Box 323
Massapequa, NY 11762, USA
Bolivia, Colombia, Colombian states

Tilo Rismondo
Postfach 12
Chemnitz, D-09056 Germany
Pre-philately: Saxony; Austria 1850-1867

Dr. Roberto Rosende, RDP
50 Riverdale Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10701, USA

Royal Philatelic Society of London (R.P.S.L.) Ltd.
41 Devonshire Place
London W1N 1PE, England

Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand
P.O. Box 1269
Wellington, New Zealand

Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria
GPO Box 2071S
Melbourne, VIC. 3001

Jan Ryblewski
Beliny-Prazmowskiego 24
Krakow, PL-31514 Poland

Andreas Schlegel
Kurfürstendamm 36
Berlin, D-10719 Germany
Germany: 1916-1945, (Michel 338-910); Germany; official stamps; Berlin; American and British zones: Michel 1-72, 101-110

Hans-Dieter Schlegel
Kurfürstendamm 36
Berlin, D-10719 Germany
Germany 1916-1945 (Michel 338-910); Germany: official stamps Libya: occupation issues; American, British and French zones: Michel 36-72, 101-110; Allied occupation: Michel 911-970; Baden, Rhineland Michel 1-52; Berlin: booklets, coils, tete-beche type stamps

Johann Ulrich Schmitt
Hochleite 7
Diessen am Ammersee, D-86911 Germany
Bavaria: 1849-1875; Locals: Albania, Crete, Epirus, Greece, Levant, Samos, Thessalonia, Thrace

Albert M. Schneider
1, Rue Favart
Paris, F-75002 France
France: postal history and cancellations, Prussian-French War, Siege of Paris, Balloon Mail, Commune de Paris 1871

Heinz-Jörg Schönherr
Friedrich-Schmidt-Str. 24
Leipzig, D-04249 Germany
DDR: 1949-1960; officials A-E; Soviet zone: Michel 212-241

Mag. Klaus Schopfer
Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse 19
A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Austria: postal history 1815-1918; Bosnia: postal history

Karl-Heinz Schulz
Weg am Sportplatz 15 g
Norderstedt, D-22850 Germany
Pre-philately: Helgoland

Cyril Schwenson
Bahnhofstr. 16
Bad Bevensen, D-29549 Germany

Peter Sem
Kellerstr. 3
Gundelsheim, D-96163 Germany
Thurn and Taxis: 1852-1866; Bavaria: 1849-1875

José Ma. Sempere
Valendia, 229
Varcelona E-08007, Spain
Spain, philately and postal history

Sergio Sismondo
10035 Carousel Center Dr.
Syracuse, NY 13290-0001
British East Africa, Camerouns, Cape of Good Hope, Canada, British North America

Richard Sheryer
6751 Barrisdale Dr.
Mississauga, ONT L5N 2H5, Canada
Canada, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island

Hermann Walter Sieger
Venusberg 32-34
D-73545 Lorch, Germany
Air Mail: stamps and aerograms (especially German Zeppelin and rocket mail); Liechtenstein

Rene Simmermacher
Rathausgasse 6
Staufen/Breisgau, D-79219 Germany
Corfu, Greece Mi. 1-157; Ionian Islands

Dr. Joachim Simon
Bundschuhweg 1
Zwickau, D-08060 Germany
Germany: 1872-1916, airmail of 1912; zeppelin post; catapult mail

Bertrand Sinais
7, Rue de Châteaudun
Paris, F-75009 France
France: 20th century postal history and military mail, French Aerophilately

Mrs. Zsuzsa Sipos
Kazal u. 113
Budapest, H-1031 Hungary
Hungarian classical stamps

Sergio Sismondo
10035 Carousel Center Drive
Syracuse, NY 13290-0001
Cape of Good Hope, Canada, British North America

Jay Smith
P.O. Box 650
Snow Camp, WI 27349


Prof. Peter A.S. Smith
811 Mt. Pleasant Ave.
Ann Arbor, Mich. 48103
Egypt: postage stamps and postal history

José Soler
Beethoven 13
E-08021 Barcelona, Spain
Spain and Spanish Colonies

Martin-W. Sommer
Tortonastr. 3
Weilburg, D-35781 Germany
Germany: 1872-1916 (Michel 1-30)

Silvano Sorani
Via Washington 74
Milano, I-20146 Italy
Italy: Michel 1-641; officials; Italy overseas; Italian colonies; Albania, Crete, Kirchen, Papal States, San Marino, Sardinia; Trieste zone A; Vatican

Enrique Soro Bergua
Av. Lluis Companys, 23 - 4° 1a
San Cugat del Valles (Barcelona), E-08190 Spain
Spain and Spanish Colonies; Spanish postal forgeries

Ronald F. Steuer
Stubenring 6
Wien, A-1010 Austria
Colonies forerunners, China post; New Guinea (without GRI); Cameroon post (without CEF); Caroline Islands; Kiautschow; Marianias; Marshall Islands; Samoa; Togo

Wolfgang Straub
Wasserweg 1
Schöneck, D-61137 Germany
French zone: manuscript markings, emergency cancels, postal stationery; Baden; Rheinland-Pfalz; Wurttemburg

Bodo Ströh
Postfach 14 24
Henstedt-Ulzburg, D-24550 Germany
Soviet zone: East Saxony Michel 41-65, West Saxony Michel 116-165, Berlin and Brandenburg Michel 1-7, Saxony province Michel 66-91, Thuringen Michel 92-115, postmaster perforations; Local issues 1945-46: Gorlitz, Nietsky

Swiss Association of Philatelic Experts
c/o Jean-Claude Marchand
P.O.Box 5106
CH-1211 Geneve 11, Switzerland

Peng Hian Tay
Jurong Point P.O. / P.O. Box 492
SGP-916417 Singapore, Singapore
Straits Settlements: 19th Century; Burma: pre-stamp period; India used in Burma; Netherlands East Indies: from pre-stamp period to 1872

Dr. Peter Tichatzky
Otto-Schmirgal-Str. 8
Berlin, D-10319 Germany
DDR: 1949-1960

Gregory C.G. Todd
P.O. Box 111
Lymington, Hampshire SO41 6ZJ, England
Dominican Republic; Mexico: 1856-1867

Yacov Tsachor
P.O. Box 16218
Tel Aviv, Israel
Israel, incl. Doar-Ivri, 1948 Interim; British Mandate Palestine: postal history; Holy Land: Turkish and Foreign P.O.s: postal history

Michael Tseriotis
P.O. Box 57408
CY-3315 Limassol, Cyprus
Greece: Large Hermes Heads: postage stamps and postal history

Rolf Tworek
Hamburger Str. 15
Soest, D-59494 Germany
Germany: 1916-1945 (Michel 96-337); official stamps Michel 16-98; official control prints

Ukrainian Philatelic & Numismatic Society
30552 Dell Lane
Warren, MI 48092-1862
Ukraine, Western Ukraine

Guy du Vachat
4, allée des Chalets
Villemomble, F-93250 France

James van der Linden
C.P. 1
B-4837 Baelen, Belgium
Belgium; Belgian Congo: stamps and postal history; Transit markings, postal history, rates and routes: Atlantic, Europe East- West (without expertising the stamps)

Hendrik Willem van der Vlist
Schoolkade 31
NL-1556 KV Assendelft, Netherlands
Netherlands: postal markings 1830-1950

Dr. Jovan Velickovic
Marsala Birjuzova 34
Beograd, YU-11000, Yugoslavia
Yugoslavia, incl. Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia (excl. some occupation issues 1941-1944)

Gabor Visnyovszki
P.O. Box 68
Budapest, H-1581 Hungary

Paolo Vollmeier, RDP
P.O. Box 108
Castagnola, CH-6976 Switzerland
Pre-adhesive material from Italy

Günter Wahl
Karl-Laux-Str. 17
Dresden, D-01219 Germany
Denmark, Faroes, Greenland, Iceland, Danish West Indies, Sweden to 1900

Helmut Weigelt
Heinz-Schnaufer-Str. 38
Calw, D-75365 Germany
DDR: officials A-E; Local issues 1945-46: Alto öbern

Dieter Weinbuch
Forstenrieder Allee 24 1
D-81476 München, Germany
Germany: 1916-1945 (Michel 96-337); official stamps; official control prints

Manfred Wiegand
Max-Born-Ring 31
Göttingen, D-37077 Germany
Germany: 1872-1916 (Michel 31-52)

Michael Wieneke
An der WalIkmühle 23
Köln, D-51069 Germany
Occupation issues 1938-45: Channel Islands; Croatia

Wolfgang Windel
Glashütter Kirchenweg 21
Norderstedt, D-22851 Germany

Hartmut Winkler
Postfach 52
Dettingen, D-72581 Germany
Wurttemberg: Michel 44-62; official stamps, telegraph stamps; Germany: 1916-1945 (Michel 96-337); official stamps Michel 16-98; official control print

Richard Winter
31 Flagship Cove
Greensboro, NC 27455, USA
Transatlantic Mails: postal history

Karoly Zaborsky
Galamb u. 7
Budapest, Hungary
Hungary, first issues

Dr. Fiorenzo Zanetti
Via Sardegna 30
I-20146 Milano, Italy
Albania: Italian period, civil and military P.O.s; Eritrea: postal history; Somalia; Libya: Italian P.O.s; Italian P.O.s abroad; Italian Dodecanese/Aegean Islands; San Marino

Dipl.-Ing Predrag Zrinjscak
Industriestr. 21
D-75181 Pforzheim, Germany
Croatia; Trieste Zone B; Istria Zone B; Yugoslavia

Zumstein & Cie.
Inhaber M. Hertsch & Co.
Zeughausgaße 24
CH-3000 Bern 7, Switzerland

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