The World War II U.S. Stamp Collection

Introducing the World War II U.S. Stamp Collection - an extraordinary assortment of government-issued tributes to the historic Second World War, preserved in immaculate condition.

Experience the opportunity to honor and remember the courageous individuals and significant moments that defined a generation.

This exclusive collection features:

  • - A comprehensive compilation of 115 official U.S. World War II stamps, spanning from the war years to the 75th anniversary in 2020.
  • - Every stamp, including those from the war's early stages, is in pristine mint condition and no longer available from post offices.
  • - A complete set of 50 stamps released between 1991 and 1995, commemorating the 50th anniversary of World War II. Each set showcases the pivotal events of the war, from the tragedy of Pearl Harbor to the ultimate triumph.
  • - As an added bonus, receive a Display Chest and Collector's Guide with the third shipment, completely free of charge.
  • - Plus, an authentic World War II Occupation Note - a notable collector's item. These notes were issued by Axis powers following the invasion of Allied territories.

Don't miss this unforgettable opportunity to own a remarkable collection that pays homage to the heroes and history of World War II at Hammacher Schlemmer.